GONATURALS Organic Marula Oil for Face & Hair – Cold Pressed Marula Oil for Hair: An Ideal Moisturizer & Conditioner…

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Pure Marula Oil for Face – Often referred to as the miracle oil marula oil derives from a nut that is rich in Vitamin C & E. It has several benefits and facilitates the growth of newer, healthier skin, Marula oil is ideal for all skin types, but is particularly effective for oily, acne-prone, dry and aging skin.
Organic Marula Oil for Hair – Not only is marula oil great for your skin it is also extremely beneficial for your hair too. It helps shield it against sun damage and prevents frizzy hair by sealing the cuticles. It is a fast-absorbing oil and naturally cleans your skin. You can apply this to your face and neck and it can be used as a makeup primer
Cold Pressed Marula Seed – Our marula oil is a great addition to your daily beauty routine. It also boasts a natural cold-pressed formula. But what does it mean to have a cold-pressed formula? It means we take the marula seed in its original form and use a hydraulic press to ensure that it retains all those great vitamins and minerals that you need