ShiKai – Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion, Plant-Based, Perfect for Daily Use, Rich in Botanical Extracts, Makes Skin Softer… Price: $14.64 (as of 10/04/2023 10:32 PST- Details)

LONG-LASTING MOISTURE: This moisturizer is great for hydrating dry & cracked skin. It helps moisturize skin when used daily. It thoroughly nourishes skin to help give quick & lasting relief to irritated skin.
SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: ShiKai’s lotions work great for all skin types because they cater to people with allergies, dry skin, & other skin conditions. We use a mild formula for people with sensitive skin that find most body lotions too harsh.
RICH IN BOTANICALS: ShiKai’s Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion is rich in borage oil & shea butter to help keep skin hydrated & soft all day. It also contains glycerin, vitamin E & aloe vera gel to encourage resilience & long-lasting suppleness in the skin.